Monday, May 29, 2006

LamontBlog: Great Jumping Off Point

In addition to being a great site for news and comments on the race, LamontBlog has got a really great comprehensive links list -- please go over there and use it as a jumping off point. I will try to focus on adding links to the blogroll here that don't duplicate those.

I also have to highlight a great feature that you can use at LamontBlog. You can pull up all the diaries that have been posted at DailyKos, MyDD, Firedoglake, etc. with pre-set tags of Lieberman or Lamont. It's really convenient, and is located on the lefthand side. Use it.

And don't forget to use the right tags if you diary about the race.

Jane Harman - Joe Lieberman of the West

I'm a little pulled away from Ned's race due to the Winograd battle against Jane Harman in my backyard. The primary election is on June 6, so once that's over, I'll be updating this site more frequently. If you know anybody out here who's in or near the district (please take a quick glance), please let them know a Democratic primary is taking place against Harman. There's a great letter here that you can use for yourself (by permission from the diarist)

I've opened up comments now to anybody registered with Blogspot, so please feel free to chime in. I'm looking for people who want to help make this a resource.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Inspiration - Beverly Hills, 90210

I've been following the Lieberman-Lamont race since before it officially began, but until recently felt like somewhat of an intruder. I mean, I live on the other coast and was a little concerned that my involvement on the Connecticut politics blogs might be a negative for Ned.

And, even though it hasn't stopped me before, I wondered a little, is it proper to be getting involved in out-of-state races for Senate and the House?

What changed my mind was Beverly Hills -- or, more precisely, the six-figure sum from that small town in LA that Joe Lieberman has raked in over the current election cycle (2005-06). Suddenly, rather than feeling like an intruder, I felt it my duty to get involved and level the playing field. Plus, Ned Lamont has sworn off lobbyist money - and he is counting on us ordinary folk to pitch in for him.

Anyways, I intend, with the help of other out-of-state Nedheads, to develop this site as a resource for people who want to spread the word about Joe.

My emphasis will be on getting people to get active helping Ned. Yes, contributing ourselves and asking our friends and family to donate themselves will be a part of it. However, the focus will not be on how much money is raised, but how many people actually get invovled. And giving ourselves will enable us (and those we contact) to successfully recruit others by showing our sincerity and willingness to sacrifice. And then these recruits will then recruit others etc. etc.

What should we be asking each person we contact to do? I think it has to be kept simple:

(a) Briefly say why Joe should be replaced with Ned
(b) Donate what they can afford to the campaign
(c) Alert those they know in Connecticut about the race
(d) Ask those they know to do (b) and (c)

I'm doing this now, and will be posting up what has helped me and what hopefully will help others.