Monday, May 29, 2006

LamontBlog: Great Jumping Off Point

In addition to being a great site for news and comments on the race, LamontBlog has got a really great comprehensive links list -- please go over there and use it as a jumping off point. I will try to focus on adding links to the blogroll here that don't duplicate those.

I also have to highlight a great feature that you can use at LamontBlog. You can pull up all the diaries that have been posted at DailyKos, MyDD, Firedoglake, etc. with pre-set tags of Lieberman or Lamont. It's really convenient, and is located on the lefthand side. Use it.

And don't forget to use the right tags if you diary about the race.


Blogger CT Bob said...

Peter, just a quick note here...the link in this post to Lamontblog doesn't work. But the link on the sidebar does, so no biggie.


5:59 AM  
Blogger PeterB said...

Thanks Bob

7:51 AM  

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